Wrocław by night English / Lower Silesia

Zdjecie glówne


Wrocław by night

( 4 hours)


Each night in Wroclove deserves a walk, as it gives us something, that is hidden in the daylight… gorgeous Wroclaw Opera House, Lower Silesian Governor′s Office, National Museum, University buildings reflected in the water as well as the illuminated river banks or Grunwald Bridge bathed in mirage of lights, leave unforgettable memories…


Wrocław market square or Mutual Respect District (a.k.a. District of Four Denominations)each evening comes to life bustling with teenagers exuberance, luring them here, via streets lit with lanterns′ soft light, to numerous cozy clubs, restaurants or to Neon Gallery (old Wroclaw illuminated inscriptions) - hidden between the streets.

Only here you can still meet a real lamplighter –  every day at dusk, at the streets of the Cathedral Island, a man in a cape and top hat wanders, for years invariably turning on gas lanterns - illumination of the past century.