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Nature & Architecture – For The Soul & For The Health


Day 1 Arrival to Wroclaw  - The Place To Start With…

Day 2 City tour of Wrocław – Wroclove: City Of Architecture And Architecture Legends

Visiting the Old Town with its Gothic Town Hall, Baroque University building with its Leopoldinum Hall, the Sand Island with the impressive St. John the Baptist′s Cathedral and Hala Stulecia (the Centennial Hall) – one of the first steel-concrete constructions in the world.

Day 3 Kłodzko Valley - Health Resorts

Nature generously lavished Lower Silesia with high mountains and beautiful lowlands. Rock forms and caves captivate our eyes. The atmosphere created by mild invigorating microclimate and strongly mineralized water springs is so healthy that the majority of Silesian health resorts is situated here (some of them were known since the Middle Ages). These spas, situated 400 m above sea level, offer pure and unpolluted air and wide range of services (from drinking waters to baths) and will work wonders for your health so no one is surprised that the great numbers of people come to Kudowa, Duszniki or Polanica to regain their health and strength.

Day 4   Trip around the Karkonosze – to the Giant Mountains…

The Karkonosze Mountains are a part of the Sudety mountain chain. They are famous for their skiing resorts such as Karpacz – with its thirteenth-century timber Temple Wang, brought there from South Norway in the 19th century (like in Norway - not a single nail was used for its construction).

Szklarska Poręba – the capital of the Karkonosze - is located at the feet of Mt. Szrenica and Labski Szczyt (two of the highest peaks in Karkonosze). Szklarska Poręba is surrounded by attractive terrains of the Karkonosze National Park and the picturesque waterfalls of Kamieńczyk and Szklarka.

Day 3 Drive to Cracow via Częstochowa – Heart Of Polish Belief And Country In The Country…

Visit to Jasna Góra Monastery (in Częstochowa) - one of the greatest centre of religious cult in the world and the heart of Polish Catholicism. This religious complex of buildings includes the Pauline Monastery, Basilica of Our Lady′s Assumption and the Holy Cross (with its oldest part dating back to the foundation of the monastery in 1382′).

Day 4 Cracow - Capital, Country, City Of Churches & … Necropolis Of Polish Kings

City tour of Cracow- Poland′ sformer royal capital. In 2000′

the city received the title of "the European Capital of Culture". World famous Market Square and its Sukiennice (the Cloth Hall) offer not only charming scenery but also numerous beautiful handcraft souvenirs. Visit to St. Mary′s Church (famous for the altar built by Wit Stwosz), the old Floriańska Street and Floriańska Gate, the Wawel Castle and the Cathedral from the 14th century – it′s a must!  

Day 5 Wieliczka - The Underground Kingdom of Salt

Visit to  Wieliczka - the town already known in the 13th century due to the remarkable salt mine - 2040 chambers carved at 9 levels, reaching 330 meters underground, linked with the 350 kilometers long system of adits and shafts. Unique chapel dedicated to St. Kinga, capable of housing 500 people, 55 x 17 m and 12 m high is a breath taking “must” of this trip.

Day 6 Zakopane – Kingdom of Highlanders

Drive to Zakopane in the Tatra Mountains via National Park in Pieniny and white-water rafting on the Dunajec river make unforgotten impressions.

Day 7 Departure – Time To Say Goodbye

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