Old Town with Cruise English / Lower Silesia

Zdjecie glówne


By Foot & By Water

( 4 hours)


OLD TOWN – Wroclaw′s Rynek  (Main Square with Market Square) - reveals its charm asone of the biggest town-planning enterprises of this type in an “old continent” and Europe′s most resplendent places, pulsating with life 24/7. This area is filled with architectural masterpieces such as unique Gothic and Renaissance Town Hall and more than dozen magnificent churches and other alternative treasures around, that can be found also with the help of the smallest Wroclove′ citizens: Wroclaw′s dwarfs – more than hundred thirty statues ofpint-sized brethren who took a liking for especially this place and are lurking around the corners proudly presenting their professions or habits…

ODRA RIVER CRUISE. It gives the feet time to relax, the face opportunity to feel gentle water breeze and in the same time, without moving from the seat, kaleidoscope of oldest part of Wroclaw′s monuments and landmarks parades before the viewer′s eyes giving a perfect opportunity sightseeing city from a different perspective simultaneously instead leading across some of Wroclaw′s 112 bridges takes the viewer beneath their structures.   

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