Jewish Culture Traces English / Lower Silesia

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( 4 hours)


Jewish community life and customs tour gives an thoughtful insight of this community prewar and present existence in Wroclaw and offers an opportunity to acknowledge Wroclaw Jews presence not only in Jewish district (part of the District of four Denominations), but also in the old town. Tour gives a possibility to marvel the historic Jewish cemetery (currently existing as The Museum of Cemetery Arts) with its unique collection of designed also by famous artists gravestones - true works of art, to visit classical style White Stork Synagogue - the only one in the city that survived Cristal Night and still witnesses about the past tragedy or to see the place where (until that tragic night) stood the magnificent neo gothic/Romanesque Revival style New Synagogue – comparing to Berlin′s second large edifice of this genre in Germany and Austria, able to let almost 2000 people pray at the same time, Wroclaw′s landmark, that′s soul now only exists as a shadow of a history embodied in a simple monument …

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